What are some special things to consider in selecting a lawyer?

What are some special things to consider in selecting a lawyer?

Personal injury lawyers are not all the same. You want to select a lawyer who will fight for your best interests. You don’t want to open up the yellow pages and pick the name that looks good. You don’t want to Google, “good lawyer” and pick the one closest to the top.

Here are things to consider when picking a good lawyer to handle your case.

Reference from family and friends-If your friends or family member have had an accident, you may want to consult them for a referral. Some lawyers give discounts for referrals. You should consider specializing, when necessary. If you’ve received an automobile injury, a sexual harassment lawyer won’t help. Once you get a good referral from family or friends, don’t jump on board automatically. What was a good fit for your friend may not automatically be for you. Interview the lawyer and decide if you and he or she are a good fit.

Online referral-Better than Googling for a lawyer is to find an online lawyer service. There, you will find a group of lawyers local to your area. You enter the site and answer a few questions about your case. You will be directed to a lawyer promptly. A good online referral will have a lawyer dictionary that has a profile of each lawyer in your area. It will have a list of the lawyer’s experience, philosophy, education, and fees.

Chamber of commerce-The chamber of commerce is a local network of businesses. Lawyers would have a list of law firms in their area. They are a good place to start in your search for legal representation.

Law librarian-The law librarian at the local law firm or public library in some cases, would be another good source for choice lawyers. They can lead you in the direct of the best personal injury lawyer for your price range and injury.


Price– We all know that lawyer’s fees can range from several hundreds of dollars per hour. Some lawyers agree to take payment from your settlement you will receive. Some say that they won’t even take payment if they lose the case. It is then in their best interest to win your case. In any case, you should have a written agreement as to your payment arrangement. The written agreement should have the lawyer’s hourly fee.

This is what the lawyer gets paid per hour to work on your case. A contingency fee is the fee that the lawyer will subtract after your case is won. Especially in personal injury cases do lawyers wait until the case is over to collect their fee. The cost of the lawsuit is included too. Litigation has costs, these include court costs, photocopying fees, travel expenses, or messenger fees.

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