Michigan Motorcycle Accident Lawsuits

What type of person rides a motorcycle? That depends upon the type of motorcycle you ride. No matter the type of motorcycle, you should know that a personal injury can be right around the corner.

Are you a risk taker? Riding a motorcycle really revs up your adrenalin. Knowing that you are in the wind, with no seatbelt, and sometimes no helmet gives some bikers a high. Are you a conserver? Some people ride motorcycles because it saves them substantially on gas costs.

Bikers get more than double the fuel economy of other vehicles. Are you impatient? You won’t have to wait around for just the right parking spot with a motorcycle; you can park your hog, lock it up and be about your business. Some businesses even have spots designated for motorcycles only, which eases things even more. Are you friendly? There is camaraderie with bikers that other riders don’t share. They always wave at each other when they ride. They attend special bikers clubs and biker conventions.

Individualistic people love that not everyone can navigate a motorcycle.

Individualistic people further distinguish themselves by “tricking” their bikes out. There is no limit to the ways you can make your motorcycle distinct. Are you a commuter? Certain states in the union allow motorcycles to occupy the HOV, high occupancy vehicle lane. Riding your bike to work will get you there quicker, the bugs in your teeth and hair notwithstanding.

All of these things are reasons to ride bike, but safety should be a concern.

Motorcycles have great performance capacity; and with much power comes much responsibility. Tire failure or brake failure on a bike can cost you your life. Tire failure on a bike at speeds in excess of 169 miles per hour, can cause a serious head injury. Some bikers balk at wearing a helmet, but if you hit the pavement at that high rate of speed, you are at risk of getting much more than road rash.


One of the other reasons that bikers ride is for pure vanity; bikers look cool. This is why some don’t care to wear a helmet. They don’t want helmet hair and Marlon Brando never wore a helmet. This can be quite dangerous.

Each state has its own law as far as motorcycle helmets. Michigan had mandated that motorcyclists wear a helmet, but lifted that requirement in 2012. In particular, riders with a temporary instruction permit are prohibited from riding at night and without a helmet. A Michigan motorcycle lawsuit might not be successful if an individual flouts the law.

It’s a shame that people die because of it; up until that point, 14 people had died because they did not wear their helmet. Family members that are left may attempt to sue for damages. That lawsuit will likely be unsuccessful because the biker did not follow the rules of law. Bikers in Michigan should be sure to wear their motorcycle helmets. It will help with a lawsuit, if they choose to pursue it.

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