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Free Power of Attorney

A power of attorney is a form that gives a person the legal authority to act on another’s behalf. It can be used for medical reasons, financial reasons, or other legal matters. This can be extremely important should a person become incapacitated or otherwise unable to make decisions on their own. This is known as a “springing power of attorney” because it “springs” into effect at the time of death or incapacity. While it is important, many people cannot afford to have this document drafted. Once a person becomes incapacitated, however, it is too late to draft such a document. That’s why the attorneys at Law Firm offers this document for free.

Some people may assume that a trusted loved one will be allowed to make important decisions on their behalf. In actuality this is not the case. If something happens to a loved one, it can actually lead to serious family disputes, and may even lead to litigation if things really break down. By empowering one person to make these important decisions, you can avoid these ugly disputes and put one person in charge.

These forms are actually available online and are relatively straightforward, but if one mistake is made it can lead to serious problems. It could even lead to the form being thrown out entirely. We will work with clients to make sure that these forms are filled out properly and that they accurately reflect a person’s wishes. We will also sit down and discuss a living will or advance health directives which can ensure that if a person is in a serious accident or otherwise injured, their wishes will be honored regarding treatment and quality of life.

While some attorneys may charge hundreds of dollars or more for these documents, we will draft them for free. There are no fees, obligations, or any sort of compensation required. We will help you create a legally valid power of attorney form at no charge. We do this because we know how important a power of attorney can be to a family and we don’t think it’s fair that people have to skip them because they can’t afford it. When times are tough, people have to cut back on legal services and we understand that. By offering to draft these documents at no charge, we can give back to members of the community and provide a valuable service for people who may not otherwise be able to afford it.

We also do this to help build trust with people. We understand that people may be skeptical of attorneys and may not view them in the most positive light. But we are not typical attorneys. We try to keep the office casual and want our clients to feel like they are members of the family. Even though we may wear shorts and tennis shoes to the office, we are no less serious or less experienced than other attorneys. We strive to provide the best representation possible for our clients, but we also strive to build lasting relationships.

We are confident that if you use our free legal services, you will come back should you ever need our assistance again. If you need a power of attorney form, contact Law Firm to have one drafted for free.