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Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

The most vulnerable people on the road are pedestrians. They have no way of avoiding a speeding car and take the full weight of the vehicle against their body. Pedestrians who are struck by cars suffer life-changing injuries and need the help of experienced pedestrian accident attorneys to assess their damages and evaluate their claim. If you have been struck by vehicle while walking or crossing the street, contact a lawyer immediately.

Many pedestrian accidents happen at night and often involve drinking and driving. This makes the injuries especially severe because the driver rarely brakes before hitting the pedestrian. If you were struck by a drunk driver, it is vital that you speak with an experienced Austin pedestrian accident lawyer immediately. That investigation needs to begin right away in order to get proper compensation for your injuries.

Some people think that just because they were not in a crosswalk or were in the street that they cannot recover any money. This is not the case. Texas comparative negligence allows a person to recover so long as they were less than 51% at fault for an injury. So while a jury may find that you were 20% to blame for an injury, you would still recover 80% of any jury award. Do not accept an insufficient settlement just because you assume you were at fault for an injury. Speak to a Austin pedestrian accident attorney before signing any settlement offers or accepting any checks.

The insurance adjuster will likely tell you that there is a limit to what you can recover, that the accident was your fault and you shouldn’t expect to recover anything. These bullying tactics are common with pedestrian accidents. The insurance adjuster knows that these serious injuries will cost a lot of money, so they want to settle the claim as quickly and as cheaply as possible. Don’t let them push you around. Get an Texas pedestrian accident attorney at  Law Firm and fight back against their bullying. We will stand up for you and make sure that any settlement or verdict covers your losses and makes you as whole as possible after your injury. We will fight to get you what’s fair.

At Law Firm, we understand that a pedestrian accident can drastically change a person’s life. We know that these injuries are very serious and likely require a lifetime of treatment. We will fight to make sure that you get the money you need to seek the treatment you deserve. You shouldn’t be forced to pay for the injuries caused by another person’s negligence. We will fight to make you as whole as possible after these serious injuries, allowing you to live your life as normally as possible even after the most serious of injuries.