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When a person dies without a will, they are said to die intestate. This means that their assets will be divided according to Texas intestate succession. These laws will ensure that your assets are divided equitably among family members, but it may not be the division you would have liked. By having a will, you can ensure that your assets are passed down as you see fit. It also can help ease any hard feelings when it comes time to divide coveted assets that only one heir can keep.

In one relatively common example, a man dies without a will, leaving behind a wife and two children. Based on the laws of intestacy, his wife would receive half the estate, with the children receiving the other half (each getting one quarter of the total estate). For some people, this is just fine. That leaves everyone an equal share and the family can choose exactly how property is divided. For certain families, this may be satisfactory.

But what about the man who left his wife but never got a divorce? Half of his property would still go to that wife, regardless of any subsequent relationships he may have had. And if he had kids with another woman, it could lead to extremely hard feelings when it comes time to divide the property equally among the children. For a complicated family structure such as this, a will is a vital tool in ensuring that assets are divided as you see fit and preventing any problems the division of assets may bring.

Even in a traditional family, dividing assets can be a trying affair. Since certain heirlooms or other valuables can’t be split, it can lead to squabbling and fighting, tearing apart even the solidest of families. By explaining exactly why you are leaving certain property to specific children or other loved ones, it can help the family move forward and prevent unnecessary fights.

Even though many people realize the important of having a will, many people put off drafting one, fearing it will be too expensive. We understand that people may not have the $1000 or more it can cost to hire an attorney to draft this will. That is why we will do it for free. There are no fees, no obligations, and no hidden costs whatsoever. If you need a will drafted, we will do it free of charge. We don’t think it’s fair that hard working people should have to skip necessary legal services simply because they are too expensive. We know how helpful a will can be to a family, so we are happy to provide this as a service to the community.

But don’t fear that just because it’s free it will be low quality or that we will cut corners. This will be the exact same professional quality as one that an attorney would charge for. We have an ethical duty to provide the highest quality of representation regardless of the fee we charge, so you needn’t worry any will we draft will be substandard.