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Negligence or carelessness is mostly applied in tort cases to achieve monetary compensation or damages for physical and emotional injuries. If a person acts negligently towards another person and causes his injury, the injured person can recover damages to compensate him for his pain, suffering, loss of wages, and medical bills.

Personal Injury Attorneys have helped countless individuals whose lives have been forever changed due to the negligence of others. When victims of negligence are harmed due to the illegal actions or careless mistakes of others (fair compensation to the victim is reasonable and expected). Negligence is commonly claimed in:

  • car wrecks
  • drunk driving accidents
  • nursing home abuse
  • 18–wheeler accidents
  • premise liability
  • product liability cases

A person has an obligation to act like an ordinary reasonable person. When a person fails to act in a way that a normal ordinary person would act, they are considered to be negligent. If a person is talking on a cell phone while driving and hits another driver, they are considered to be negligent because their actions distracted them, thereby, causing the accident. Drivers have an obligation to others to drive in a careful and cautious manner. Similarly, if a nursing home fails to meet the required standard of care for an elderly patient, they are considered to be negligent. A drunk driver who fails to use good judgment and opts to drive a car after too many drinks is considered to be negligent, especially if the driver hits or injures another person. A store manager who fails to label a wet floor “Slippery Floor” and causes a person to fall is considered to be negligent.

Accidents happen all the time because someone is careless and fails to use good judgment. Car Accidents routinely occur because drivers talk or send text messages on their cell phones, apply makeup, fail to stop at traffic lights, and are constantly distracted. Driver carelessness is the leading cause of motor vehicle accidents that lead to injury and death.

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